Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Day #7212 - Planning

Hello Hello one and all to another instalment of my life. Wednesday is being brought to you by the number four and a product that is becoming near and dear to my heart, band aids. No really, my feet are totally and completely torn up due to blisters and is something I wouldn't wish on anyone.

Today was "normal" I suppose, considering that I'm an American in Italy and whatnot. Had class this morning, spent most of my afternoon running more errands and hanging out in Piazza Bra, writing and doing my homework because the sun finally came out. However that didn't last long - it started pouring again around dinner time. I'm at a friends' apartment right now. Audrey, Kim, Megan, Krista, Joe, Devon, Lizzie and I are trying to plan out the next two weekends. This Friday night and Saturday, a couple of us are probably going to a town called Lucca in Tuscany. Apparently it's a cute little town and you can do a bike tour or something. Pisa is only an hour away from that, and I'd really like to go but right now it's not looking likely. Sunday we have a pre-planned trip to Mantua where there's supposed to be really good discount shopping. Then next weekend we have a long weekend and we're trying to figure out how to get to/find a hostel to stay in ROME! I've made it very clear that I want to go to the Vatican, Trevvi Fountain (I know I spelled that wrong), Colusseum, and the Spanish Steps. It's kind of crazy trying to figure this out all on our own. It's kind of at the point that I can't think about the exchange rate because otherwise I'll never want to go anywhere.

Right now I'm going to take the time to answer some questions that Grandpa Fumarolo sent me.
1) What were the "survival tours"?
These were basically long walks around the city, and they pointed out some of the major landmarks that will help us as we try to make our way around the city.

2) What is Idea Verona?
The name of my school - a language institute for foreigners who want to learn Italian.

3) What classes am I taking?
I am taking both Italian language and Art History for a total of 6 hours. I have also signed up for one of the optional cooking classes which I have on June 3rd.

4a) How's the apartment situation?
My 2 other roommates speak English fairly well, but I'm really not there often. I've been making a point of it to be out in the city because I don't want to waste time by hanging out in my room.

4b) How do you all manage to live in that squeezebox room!?
I don't know if I wasn't clear before, but I have my own room. It's incredibly tiny, but it's mine. I'll email a picture home soon so you can all see and put some up on facebook too, then email the family the album link.

I guess that's really it for right now. As always, I love you all, miss you, and wish you were here to see all the things I've been seeing. And if any one of you know how to make this rain go away, let me know =)


  1. The only way to make rain go away is to live somewhere like San Diego where it never rains. Literally. It was cloudy yesterday which is alike OMG weather for these people. They freak out when it's not sunny. I haven't gotten a chance to read the rest of your blog, but it sounds like you're having a great time. I miss you tons though and am totally jealous. I started work on Monday and am going to be working through the weekend. :-( Oh well. I need to study for MCATs now. Miss you tons dear.

  2. and are my lifelines. I couldn't have survived without them.

    Rome hostel recs if desired:Ihave stayed in both "The Yellow" and "Roma Inn."

    I like hearing what's going on. :)