Monday, May 19, 2008

Day #7210 - Monday

Though we’ve only been here a few days, it’s getting to feel like I’ve been in Verona for at least a week already. Part of it must be due to all the eating, but we’ve been doing and seeing so much everyday that it’s hard to believe by night time that doing that activity or eating that dish was only a few hours ago and not a few days ago.

Yesterday was Sunday and Italians are very serious about keeping the Sabbath. When I say that most shops, stores, and restaurants are closed, I’m not exaggerating. I felt bad sleeping in so late yesterday – until 12:30 – but we had a pretty late night Saturday. We had our official “Welcome to Verona” dinner at a really nice restaurant where we met Claudio’s girlfriend Rita and son Pedro. After that, all of us (Claudio and his family included) went to a German bar where I then proceeded to drink beer out of a giant glass boot (don’t worry, I have pictures). It was just very relaxed and fun getting to know everybody.

In the afternoon yesterday once we all finally woke up, we met up with Claudio again at another bar and I ate the best Panini ever made, I kid you not. About 1000 times different and better than what they serve at Za’s. Once that meal was over, I went walking around a nearby piazza with Joe, Devon, and Krista. We went back to a couple places we had seen on the first day to take more pictures, including Juliet’s balcony. We then met back up with the group at another eating establishment called San Matteo. It used to be a church that was turned into a restaurant – incredible pizza!! The whole group went back to the piazza where most people had more drinks. These two Italian guys at the table next to us were interested in who we were and where we were from, so it was really interesting talking to them. So much about Italy is different than America, but yet so much is the same. After that was going home, and right now I actually need to go brush my teeth and head to school. Ahhh! Classes!!

***Later Same Day***
Today was crazy insane and is still so much fun! We went to orientation at the school this morning and after that headed over to Piazza Bra for lunch and gilatto. Yummy! (Don’t worry, I got a picture.) Then we headed back to school for our first Italian class. This is going to be fun, but also kind of intense. The lady who is teaching us, Daniela, doesn’t speak English to us and doesn’t let us speak English. It’s a little crazy at times, but I’m sure it will help us learn better. Then me and two other girls (Krista and Audrey) went grocery shopping which was an adventure in and of itself. I'm currently at Krista, Audrey, and this other girl Devon's apartment where we're (well, mainly Devon's boyfriend, Joe, is doing all the work) cooking pasta for dinner. They're letting me borrow their wireless connection. It's pretty fun getting to know everyone and the food smells delicious! Hope all is well back in the USA! Love you and miss you all!!!!

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  1. "So much about Italy is different than America, but yet so much is the same."

    Cross cultural connections. You should apply for a Fulbright. : )