Saturday, September 22, 2012

Day #8796 - Falling Into Place

Happy Autumnal Equinox, Internet! It is the first official day of fall and I know I've been neglecting this blog lately, so what better reason for me to come back and give you an update than the semi-annual occasion of me balancing an egg on its end?

First off, a recap of the last few weeks. Not a whole lot to say, actually. The new school year is in full swing and there have been a whole bunch of changes going on in the school library where I work. Mostly good things, but a lot of adjusting! I love the students and staff at my school, and it's really shaping up to be a good year. The fall play is also under way, so every night I'm at rehearsals for that which is a joy to get to see these fantastic young adults I work with in a different light.

As for my writing lately, well, there hasn't been a whole lot of that going on. Part of it is due to lack of time, and part of it is I'm trying to find my rhythm, too. The writers who have succeed and gotten published say to try and try again, and I know they're right and that this was never going to be an easy road, but I also need to recharge. I never want to resent writing, so while I do write everyday, I have no new stories to report on as of late. Though I still encourage you to check out the story I did for the Defy the Dark contest - I'm particularly proud of it.

Life has just been a lot of busy lately, in a really great way. Since I'm finally done with grad school, in a lot of ways it feels I'm getting to know myself in my twenties just now. I'm more social at work. I'm reading more lately. I'm trying to step out of my shell, and so far, pretty darn good.

So it's been a decent September and I'm hoping this trend keeps going. And now, for your viewing pleasure, the traditional standing an egg on its end!

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